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The prehistoric origin of the legend of creation of woman out of man’s rib

ноември 24, 2015

If you are Christian, you have most probably heard the legend of how God created Eve out of Adam’s rib. The legend is so popular that even non-Christians are familiar with it. But you will be shocked to know where it has originated.

The base of the legend is that God has taken one rib out of a male body and has converted that rib into a woman. This is the important baseline – we must always search for the baseline and ignore the artistic elements which make the story colorful – we must watch inside the deep mechanics of the story in order to find the way things work.

There is a cave in the North-West of Bulgaria called Magura cave. It contains some 700 ancient paintings but we are not going to deal with their age right now. What is interesting here is the meaning of the paintings.


Image 1. The scene of the Goddess-Mother in Magura cave.

3 aspects

Image 2. The three aspects of the Goddess-Mother in Magura cave.

You can clearly see that these are three different depictions of the same entity. Therefore, these are the three aspects of it.

How do know that this is the Goddess-Mother?

Magura cave paleolithic paintings S3G0

Image 3. The solar-lunar calendar scene in Magura cave.

In the firts place there is the solar-lunar calendar in Magura cave where we can see the Sun in the center of the composition.

table 26

Image 4. The Sun.

The Sun is known to be the source of fertilizing energies which is the male aspect. Every ray, together with the core, creates one symbol of the male, fertilizing spirit.

Magura cosmogony

Image 5. Male spirits originate from the Sun.

We know that all these symbols are male, because they originate from the Sun and because they are the same as the present male symbol we use – our present male symbol dates back to ancient times.

Then every one of these symbols comes out of the Sun – its core and one of its rays.

male spirit

Image 6. A typical symbol of male spirit.

Therefore we have a typical symbol of male spirit – fertilizing, free, not materialized, not involved into a concrete creation. Then, if we change one feature of the symbol, we create a different meaning.

male spirit dead

Image 7.  A life symbol converted to a symbol of death.

When the symbol’s circle is solid, this means „death“. The reason is that it now contains a concrete destiny. This is the first step to materialization, because this „destiny“ means a program, a construction – this is what is inside the solid area. It is dead, because every construction has an end. It is now mortal.

male spirit materialized

Image 8. Materialization.

Now, we rotate the symbol upside-down and create the opposite state of free spirit – we crate materialization, we create a spirit involved in a certain shape with a certain program and construction.

male spirit materialized personal

Image 9. Personalization of a symbol.

A symbol is just a principle, it is not yet an entity. It must be personalized in order to become a god.

We can add hands and a head to the symbol of materialization and thus we create the god of materilization. Therefore this god looks to be pregnant – it is  with a large belly. It is a woman, because it materializes – it is constantly pregnant with the programmed spirit to take concrete shape. This symbol is what gives birth to reality. This is for sure the Goddess-Mother.

3 aspects

Image 10. The Triune God.

And Magura cave paintings state that there are three different aspects of Her. Does it remind you of something?

Because they are aspects of the same goddess, this religion is monotheistic. Because they are three, this is triune god, this is a trinity. Does it remind you of something, of a God we know?

Yes! This is the prehistoric origin of Christian God. No doubt about it.

Then we have proved that these three figures mean Triune God. And we return to what God has done.

creation of female spirit types

Image 11. What God has done.

One can clearly see that there is a male symbol, taken directly out of the Sun – in the lower right corner of Image 11. In Magura cave depictions, we read from the right to the left – this is direction of story development.

Therefore, in the beginning we have one ray and the core taken out of the Sun, out of the origin of male spirits. This is one rib taken out of the male body. And not of any male body, but of the body of the origin – the body of the first, which is indeed Adam.

Then the Triune God adds to it T – the symbol of providence, the symbol of speech. Thus the Triune God creates all female symbols.

female spirit creation

Image 12. The formula of women’s creation: 1 male rib + speech.

Magura female spirit symbols

Image 13. Different aspects of female spirits created by the Triune God.

This means that the Truine Goddess-Mother, the prototype of Christian God, created a new type of spirit which can create. The symbol T, which means speech, construction, has been added to the fertilizing spirit thus making a spirit which can create. This is female.

typical male and female figures in Magura cave

Image 14. Woman and man figures created out of their spirits.

In the end, male and female figures were created out of their respective spirits. Therefore the female figure has the „belt“on its waits, because its spirit has the T symbol incorporated.

This is where and how the legend of Eve’s creation out of Adam’s rib had originated. Now you know.

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