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  1. Individual touring in the region of Belogradchik
  2. The Throne of Magura cave
  3. The Solar-Lunar-Earth calendar of Magura cave. A very sophisticated calendar created some 14 000 years ago. Part 1
  4. The ancient esoteric technology of King’s creation
  5. The prehistoric origin of the legend of creation of woman out of man’s rib
  6. An ancient culture from the Balkan peninsula wages civilizational marches and spreads Magura name at more than 2 000 places around the world
  7. Magura cave paintings are at least 32 500 years old. Copies of them used to be made and thus icons were created.
  8. An excerpt of my Magura cave paintings study
  9. The complete map of all Magura cave paintings – creation, use and perspectives.
  10. The complete catalog of all Magura cave paintings – creation, use and perspectives.
  11. Consecutive animal species and appearance of previously unseen conceptions determine two stages of creation of Magura cave paintings. Continuation of the painting’s style and meaning over a large time span.
  12. Numeric record system of early history: Numbers among Magura cave paintings. Recognition and types. Numeric expressions. Numeric operations. Similarities to Egyptian numeric system.
  13. What is reborn after death? -information from ancient Magura cave paintings. And is it possible to be born enlightened?

  14. Hats as a heritage from our magic past

  15. Lepenitsa cave near the town of Belogradchik. A megalithic structure with astronomical and meditation functions

  16. The Great Teacher of manking
  17. The phenomenon of Belogradchik rocks
  18. The creation of the first and every further civilization according to a scene in Magura cave
  19. The plate of Prauzhda village. An attempt to read it.
  20. The fallen angels
  21. Knowledge of the Atlantes was stored in Magura cave in a trial to save and trasfer it to future generations?
  22. The most sinister way to suicide: by interacting by habitThe most sinister way to suicide: by interacting by habit
  23. The origin of civilizations according to the prehistoric paintings of Magura cave
  24. Following the traces of the Goddess
  25. The shortest tutorial on Magura shastra
  26. The „heart“ symbol – let’s recall its true meaning
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