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The ancient esoteric technology of King’s creation

ноември 25, 2015

One of the most important issues in human history is the way to create Kings as Kings are who navigate large human populations’ fate. In the ideal situation, a King should implement God’s providence on Earth and among people so that human development would meet the plans of God.

Therefore a King must be an ideal implementer. He can not be such if there are some imperfections in his soul, in his mind or in his intentions. Then he hill create some mismatches with providence and will distort human evelopment over a large time span.

In republics we vote for people we don’t know. We elect persons to serve the role of ancient Kings. Thus we are supposed to create Kings but they may not fit the requirements. Well, it is thought that those elected are indeed puppets of some hiden entities, but anyway we don’t really know the souls of people we vote for.

This is a wrong situation and a wrong way to create Kings. But not event the bloodline is a necessary nor a siffucient condition to create a just King.

There is a set of conditions for this:

  1. The King must know the Truth;
  2. The King must be of God;
  3. The King must be born under certain stars;
  4. The King must be educated and prepared.

How do we create the necessary conditions?

This is a question which has been decided in countless ages of human history, because it is a very important queation as everybody wants the ideal conditions of life and those conditions are heavily impacted by the King’s governance.

How can we guarantee that a King knows the twuth? 

There is only one way to know the Truth. The Truth is a reality created by logical constructions and relations.


Image 1. The symbol of speech, providence, logos – T.

Magura cave paintings state that the symbol of providence is T, therefore the ancient words for God are Tao, Theo, Tau and Dao – all of them come out of T. Therefore the only way for a soul to know the Truth is to return to T and then ome back.

How can a King be of God?

The same process which returns a soul to God and then brigns it back makes a King to be of God.

How can be a person born under certain stars?

Normally, we can not make someone be born in a certain moment. What we can do is to ritually give to a person in a special moment, when all astrological conditions are perfect. This is necessrary to create a person with the desired qualities.

How can a person be prepared and educated?

We all know this as there are various educational and training processes.

Is there any process, technology or a ritual which can implement all these necessary conditions? There is or at least there used to be one.


Image 2. A scene in Magura cave.

The conditions in Magura cave used to be cery difficult prior to its development in 1961. There were no lights, no paths, no parapets. The Gallery of the paintings is some 300 deep inside the cave and reaching it uset to be a dangerous task. Therefore, only the most important knowledge has been written there. There are 700 paintings and many of them are included in this particular scene, which is located in the most sacred place – The Solar Hall, which leads to the conclusion that the scene was really important. Indees, this is the longest of all Magura cave scenes.

the rebirth scene in Magura cave

Image 3. A clearer view of the scene.

If you don’t know the meaning of the symbols used in the scene, maybe it will look to you childish ot unclear. But as I introduce you it will become very meaningful.

An important issue is that we read from the right to the left in Magura cave paintings. Therefore the beginnind of the wsene is on the right side.

how the shaman send the soul to god and then returns it to be incarnated again

In the beginning, there is a shaman (1) who the small symbol next to him. This symbol means „I make a ritual“. Through this the shaman sends a soul (2) to heavens. The soul is involved in the process (3) which means „I transform into“ or „I become a part of“ through which it returns to and enters T (4). Thus the soul returns to God.

Then the soul comes back (5) and becomes a spirit (6) who has fate and is going to be thus reborn. This spirit becomes a soul to be reborn (7).

incarnation pregnancy and birth

The soul to be reborn (7) jumps into or goes to (8) into a sexual scene consisting of three participants (9, 10 and 11).

The man is sexually excited (9). The wonam (10) has her consciousness neutral which is symbolized by the shape of her hands. This is a necessary condition for getting pregnant. Her „belt“ on the waist is fan-like. The „belt“means the figure is female and it symbolizes femininity, the womb. When the „belt“is fan-like, this means the female figure is ready to get pregnant.

In this sexual scene, there is a third participant (11) – a soul to be reborn. With all this symbolism, it is clear that what happens here is getting pregnant with the soul who just returned from God. Magura cave paintings state that no pregnancy will occur if there is no soul to be reborn.

Then there is another female figure to the left (12). This female is in a different state. She has no head which means that she acts not because of her ego and personality. That her „belt“ is restricted, which means that she can not get pregnant.

All this means that the female (12) is pregnant. This is the woman (10) but after the sexual scene.

There are 3 verical lines before (to the right side) of the pregnant woman (12) and 5 more vertical linec to the left side. Togather with the pregnant woman (12) herself, the total number of the lines is 9 – the pregnant woman serves as wertical line number 4.

So, the pregnancy is related to the number 9, which is the number os months during pregnancy. And the fourth month is really different and importand as then the embrio becomes human. Therefore the pregnant woman (12) is placed on the fourth position to express this fact.

Then the baby (13) is born. A breast (14) is togather with 5 vertical lines which are the 5 months of obligatory breastfeeding. The firts tooth grows on the sixth month.

the culmination of rebirth process

Then different symbols are assigned to the child (16) which is a process of education and preparation.

After this a home, fortress or a kingdom (17 – the large rectanglular symbol) is given to the person. Then he gets the symbol of power (18) and becomes a Horseman, i.e. leder, king.

The image of the horseman as a ruler is tightly related to Thracians – ancient population of the Balkan peninsula, which is the home of Magura and Bulgarians.

Madara horsema 1

Image 4. Madara horseman near the city of Shoumen, Bulgaria.

Such petroglyph horsemans are found everywhere where Thracian people have gone. Therefore it is a Thracian symbol of the ruler and you can see that it has been inherited by the odler Magura culture. Thus we know that Thracians are the cultural and most probably genetical offspring of Magura.

We see a real depiction of a process which creates Kings by introducing them to T and them incarnating and educating them.


Image 5. A symbol found near the city of Lovetch, Bulgaria.

It was very interesting to find a symbol similar to the used for home, fortress, kingdom (17) anywhere outside of Magura cave. By chance, I found one carved on a stone in the wall of a chirch near the fortress of Lovetch. It was obvious that the chirch is constructed with materials from different older buildings in the region. The stone with this symbol is the same as the stones of the fortress above the chirch.

Therefore, most probably, the fortress of Lovetch used to contain this stone with the Magura symbol of home, fortress, kingdom on it. Thus we see a trasfer of symbols, traditions, rituals and culture between prehistory, Thracians and Bulgarians as the fortress of Lovetch is a part of Bulgarian Tsar tradition and was constructed during Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Thus we know that Bugarian kings used to be created in this ancient way.

But is there any material evidence of this process except for these symbols?

Yes, there is a Thracian rock sanctuary near the town of Belogradchik in the North-west in Bulgaria.

div 7

Image 6. A ritual grave.

Close to this sanctuary, there is a rtual grave with fan-like shape. Its opening, the narrow side points to the south.

sterna 1

Image 7. A womb-shaped ritual cistern.

At the sanctuary itself there is a large (1.2 m of length) ritual cistern with the shape of fan or womb. Its opening points to the North. One can be ritually born from this cistern and can ritually die in the sloce grawe. They have the same shape meaning that they are the same thing, but they point in opposite direction meaning that these are two opposite states of the same thing. Fan-like or womb shape means life. Once it’s ended and in the other case it starts.

The grave was used to send one’s soul to T, and the womb cistern was used to bring it back in a certain moment.

Another publication will deal with the exact implementation of the process.

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