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Following the traces of the Goddess

юли 26, 2017

Entering Magura cave for the first time in 2008, I was so impressed by the paintings there that I got an impuls to read them, which has been lasting for almost ten years so far.


Due to the numerous repetitions of similar symbols it was obvious that someone had tryed to express ideas. I had a feeling a very deep meaning stored in the paintings and I really wanted to read it.

All the paintings are very impressive to me, but now I want to show you a scene where three humanoid creatures are presented.


For better recognition of them, especially for those who see them for the first time, I supply an exceprt of the scene as it may be difficult to recognize them:


You can see that they sit in Lotus posture. I believe they are in deep meditation and they are yogins.

Here is why I think these are the three aspects (manifestations) of the Mother-Goddess:

In the first place, they seem to me to be pregnant therefore they have to be female.

Then, the three aspects of this entity have been intentionally drawn exactly on the opposite wall of the sun, which is also triune:



Thus we see two truine entities, opposing one another. It is very easy to recognize the sun as the Father-God, but this is the topic of a separate publication. What is to oppose a triune male god and to be triune itself, can only be a triune female god – obviously, the Mother-Goddes. Simple, yet very understandable logic of depiction, making it clear to everyone what the author wanted to say.

I may add here that it took me five years to make my mind think in a similar way to the author’s mind, because I realized they used to think in a different way. Therefore I had to start thinking in the same way in order to understand the paintings. Five years of meditation, magic experiments with the paintings, lots of logical testing of the ideas and gathering statistic and structural data turned out to be enough. Fortunately, the paintings of Magura cave have been created in such a way that they teach devoted adept and there is no need of a teacher to do so.

The third logical path to determine the three humanoid creatures as the three aspects of the Mother-Goddess is a little bit more complex. I need to start with the fact that the paintings of Magura cave have similar construction for a reason – every one of them can be created from another paintings by adding or substracting elements. Similar shapes reveal similar meaning and point to a common origin.


What is really great in Magura cave paintings, is that the sun turns ut to be source and the origin of a whole class of symbols. Their total number is 54. These are the rays of the sun together with its core, therefore they are energy, i.e. spirit. But, as the sun is the male god, these spirits are also male, driving, fertilizing.

When the upper part (the circle) is hollow, this is a free spirit. When the circle is full, this spirit has a task to perform – the solid part is the contents of the task. If we tyrn a symbol upside down, we create its opposite meaning. The opposite of spirit is matter. Thus we have a spirit which follows a logical construction and creates matter. Now, add some personal features like arms and a head to this symbol and you will create this:


Yes, it is not too simple, but it is also not too difficult.

With whis I have supplied three different approaches to recognize and confirm the three paintings as the three aspects of the Mother-Goddess. I also have reasons to say that the spirit with a solid upper part has a task to do. In two scenes where people are reborn, we see this symbol as the spirit which is going to be reborn – a spirit with a task, a spirith with fate and karma. Then:


as very large number of actor paintings prove that that a vertical line with a solid circle on the top of it means „I have some job to do, i.e. I have a task“.

Magura paintings are so beautiful, so lovely, so logical and consistent – maybe the best food for both logical and symbolic thinking.

Now let’s go back to the Mother-Goddess.

I wan shown a rock near the town of Belogradchik, which town is only 14 km to the southeast from Magura cave:

Initially I was so obsessed with the amazing shape of the head that I realyzed only the head and nothing else. Therefore it took me two years to realyze that the whole rock looks exactly as of the three paintings of the Mother-Goddess in the cave:

So, in the area of Magura cave there is a rock representing the Mother-Goddess.

In a strange way this took part in a row of events. In the end of 2016 and 2017 I was three times in the most popular esoteric TV show in Bulgaria – The New Knowledge.

A few weeks after the firts show a woman contacted me and told me that she had spontaneous visions during it and she wanted to tell me about them. She said that according to her visions there were more galleries beneath Magura cave. This matches the statements of local legends written down some 160 years ago. They say there are more galleries. They even say the cave has no bottom. The wonam said also that reptiles used to inhabit those deep galleries but not any more. This also mathes the local legends. Then the woman said that in the deepest of the galleris a creature dwells even now. She said it was the First Mother – not a reptilian, but an amphibian – the first living creature which came to Earth and created life here by laying eggs. She told me that the First Mother was about four times higher than a human and it looked human-like from the waist above and it had a short, round snake-like body beneath the waist.

Very good job though it is not possible to prove a vision. An assumption I have about the name Magura is that it originates from the title Ma-Ur which means the First Mother. It is a long explanation and I will skip it but I came to this assumption years before that conversation.

Then here is a painting which I made in 2013 in an inspired state:

Ma Ur

Why green? I do not know. But now it looks to me pretty much amphibian. And imagine a creature four times higher than a human with a pear-like body. It must weigh more than an elephant and yet it has very thin limbs – for sure it must live in water to sustain its weight.

A very interesting match is the description of the shape of its body – humain above the waist and short, round snake-like beneath the waist.


This is exactly the way Magura people have depicted it.

Two weeks ago I realized I could check the statement of its height as there is a hunter depicted next ot one of the aspects:


I also had a picture of the rock with a person next to it. Thus I was able to compare both the rock and the painting. Can you guess the result? The paintings is about four times higher than a man and the rock is about four times higher than a man.

Look, I am not a believer. I check things. No matter whether people like it, these are the facts. Numbers of mathes.

Anyway, facts do not finish here.

Imagine that the Mother-Goddess is not just a concept, but also a real manifestation in blood and flesh. Only then it is possible to depict her face as it has been done in the case of the rock. She is obviously not terrestrial.


A symbol in the scene of the Mother-Goddess leads to a very strange idea. Look at the circle with the cross inside it and at the zig-zag line leading to it.


A circle with a cross in it may mean a place, a town. The zig-zag in Magura cave means a trac, a path. It also means „to travel“, „to go“. The combination of them may mean a place which travels, a town which travels. This may mean a spaceship. Then, the symbol of Earth is also the circle with the cross in it. Then we can read this as „to travel to Earth“.


Someone has drawn a female face inside a painting in the cave. It is suggested that the Gallery of the paintings served as a library and as a sanctuary and priestesses served there as the paintings are related to the Mother-Goddess. Maybe, a priestess decided to depict their typical faces for us to know who was there.


Now see that this face has very similar features with the face of the rock. I have read that the most preferred priests in a temple were the offspring of the respective god. Pay attention to the word „offspring“. It may turn out to be just too literal.

I decided to use the contours of this face and to make a kind of „recreation“ and this is what I got:

face 1

And this is a comparisson between the face of Magura and the suggested priests at Gyobekle tepe, where the symbol T is abundant just as it is in Magura cave:

face 2

Not that this is a proof, but it is a significant number of interesting matches leading to the idea that not so long ago Earth used to be inhabited by humanoids who used to deal with very advanced knowledge.

One of the legends about Magura cave says that a Zmey (a dragon-like creature) used to live in the depths of the cave. The Zmey regularly took local people inside the cave to teach them his knowledge and then sent them back to go and teach more people. A very interesting concidence is that one of the first schools in Bulgaria was established in the local village of Rabisha and the first university in Bulgaria was established in the nearby village of Rakovitsa where in the monastery preparation of teachers took place for the first time in Bulgaria. I see a repeating pattern leading to the striving to spread knowledge and enlightenment in the same area.


Another scene in the cave tell us about how civilizations were created and how knowledge and enlightenment were spread.

I have also gathered a significant amount of proof that Magura served as a center of enlightenment and education not only regionally, but for the whole world:

magura name map

This is where you can find the name Magura around the world.

In 2011 I was looking at satelite images when I noticed something interesting in the region of Belogradchik (14 km to the southeast from Magura cave):

0708 a

A very, very large geoglyph on the Earth’s surface, represented by the shape of the terrain. It looks like the Bulgarian letter Ф. Its long axis points in the direction where the Sun rises on the 21st of December – the winter solstice. OK, not such a big deal.

But exactly in the center of the geoglyph there is the Circle of Varbovo:

Well, this is something one can not neglect. Then we find the same symbol in Magura cave:


Obviously, this is not by chance. But what could be the cause?


In Magura I saw that a number of symbols originate from the paintings of the Mother-Goddess, including the two versions of the Ф symbol. Therefore, I knew that the Ф symbol means creation, manifestation, materialization and the Mother-Goddes.


The second verstion of the symbol Ф is found in this scene which also supplies information about the calendar. There it stands for the winter solstice:


The Ф symbols refers to winter solstice and the Ф geoglyph points to the sunrise on the winter solstice. Not enough? Then, let’s remember Christmass which takes place on the 25th of December. It is said that Jesus Christ was born on this date by the Mother. And who the hack is the Mother? The Mother of God is a play of words standing for the Mother-Goddess, which is clearly related by her symbols to the winter solstice. I am so sorry fom all fundamental religious people cause I may harm their religious feelings by discovering the real origin and face of the Mother. Sorry, bros! Those are the rude facts. Mary is Ma-Ur.


Another scene tells us about the main events I human history. The strip above is a sequence of segments and can be dated. I skip the explanation of the process as I have done it many times in Bulgarian and just can not make myself do it again. Here is the result:


Initially this dating was only a suggestion till it started to perfectly match real geologycal, archaeological and DNA events. Just a small example:


What is very interesting here is the beginning o the strip which is to the right side:


It is exactly when Homo sapiens reached the area of Magura and Belogradchik and it was at the beginning of Virgo era. Do you know who Virgo is? Nowadays we associate Virdo with virginity but this is really a mistake. Fortunatelly, Bulgarian language has preserved more initial knowledge and our word for Virgo is Дева [Deva], which just by a small accident, you understand me very well, means a goddess in Hindi.

Therefore, in the era of the Goddess, people reached and entered the geoglyph of the Goddess and they decided that that was Day 1 of mankind. How come? The bodies were already present but there was a dramatic change in what inhabited the bodies. Due to influence inside the Goddess’s geoglyph during her era, mind evolved rapidly to the extent where thay realized themselves as humans. Therefore human history starts on a certain date.


This is complitely understandable as one of the aspects is the Teacher. She has the flame in her hand which stands for enlightenment and education. And she has the T symbol on her hear, which stands for mind, knowledge, speech and god in general.

This is not everything, there is a lot more to be discussed about her.

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