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The fallen angels

юли 4, 2017

Let there be no hard feelings in ladies because of this publication cause it is just a possible reading of cosmogony, human history and relations with gods.

Enoch’s book says that when Satanail fell on his creation (on the Earth and on the material world), the third part of the angels also fell with him as they were his allies and participated in the rebellion against God. It is necessary to keep in mind that many aspects of world’s mechanics can not be explained without terms and science, but can be narrated figuratively in the form of tales, legends and parables of gods and angels, where fundamental forces of nature are substituted with divine entities.

Magura cave paintings have their way to talk about fundamental laws of nature by representing them both figurative and literally through depiction in the form of symbols.

The basic god in Magura cave paintings is what has been depicted as the sun. Of course, we must understand, that it is not only our physical Sun which gives warmth and light, but rather it is a metaphysical conception of the sourse of the energy:


This is the male aspect of god, because it is the source of driving and fertilizing energy, i.e. spirit.

fig 24

If we take out the core of the sun and any of its rays, we get a symbol of spirit:


The total number of the ones, which have a circular upper part and a straight vertical line with no attributes on it, is 54.

Because these are energies and light rays, they are also fires, and Enoch’s book uses the word „fire“ as a substitute of the word „angel“, meaning that angels are spirit and energy.

For Bulgarian speakers it is much easier to get the idea as Bulgarian language contains fundamental knowledge coded in its words. The word fire in Bulgarian is огън [ogan] which is very similar to the Sanscrit word agni (fire). And both of them are very similar to the word angel.

These are the 54 fires, who remained close to god and did not participate in the rebellion against him, because they originate directly from his rays.

On the opposite wall of the Solar hall, there is a depiction of the Goddess-Mother or the entity, which creates the manifested world:


She has been presented in three aspects but htis is also true for the God-Father (the sun):


Thus everything is completely exact. Initially, Satanail and God were a single entity with its two qualities. God is the source of energy (spirit), and Satanail is capable of creation. God can not create, and Satanail has no energy on his own. They can not do one without the other.

In Magura cave, their representations have been depicted on opposite walls in order to express this relation of them. Both of them consist of three aspects, so there in no doubt that they correspond and oppose to one another.

Satanail created the manifested world according to the command of God, but he became too proud of his creation and thus lost his connection to the energy. The twird part (1/3) of the fires were brought by his Speech and fell in the material world together with him.

In Magura cave the symbol of Speech is T:

female spirit creation

It is very easy (in terms of symbols) to make a creating spirit (female spirit) out of a male spirit. We just need to add Speech to it, t.e. to add the symbol T.

Thus we create the symbol of women and this has been explained in the scene of the Goddess-Mother:


Thus we have angles brought by the speech of the Creator.


In this way the total number of 27 female symbols were created:


The fertilizing and the creative spirits have 81 symbols in total (54+27). The number 27 is exactly 1/3 of 81 meaning that this is the twird part of the fires.

And why did they fall? Because they went to a denser level. We can find information in alchemy:

alchemy part

You see that the adding of the horizontal line (Sppech) to the symbols of fire and water creates the denser elements – air and earth. Therefore, what got the horizontal line, fell down in matter, because it is in a new, denser state.

Thus the fallen angels have been found.

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