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The most sinister way to suicide: by interacting by habit

юни 30, 2017

Magura cave paintings contain very advanced knowledge on the nature of spirit and soul and their stages of transformation. An important part of this knowledge had been presented in eight sexual scenes located in The Gallery of the paintings.

You can see pictures of the paintings in the Facebook page Magura cave paintings.

These are the sexual scenes:


Every one of them is characterized by its specific motivation, essence and consequences. Keep in mind that the sexual scenes express not only the physical and carnal interaction, but they express any type of interaction. The sexual interaction is only one of the types, but it is a good symbol of all interactions. The word here is about the exchange and interaction of male and female creative powers and this may manifest in many ways and in many fields.

The body may be male, but in some cases the soul in it may manifest as female. Do not misunderstand this as homosexualism or any of the countless genders, which were introduced to us in recent years. The body may be female, but the soul in it may manifest as male in some occasions.

sceni-011 ENG

The more elements a figure contains, the more complex and rich its soul is and the more complex its experience is. The top of the elements are the arms in a circular shape around the head, because they mean the enlightened, awake consciousness.


This strip of figures shows the stages of development of spirit and consciousness. Position (1) is the informational seed, fate, description, karma; (2) is a spirit which has fate and which is going to be reincarnated; (3) is the infant; (4) is a non-educated, non-civilized soul; (5) is an educated person/soul; (6) is a person with their energy directed for creation; (7) is the one who searches for enlightenment and for the eternal life beyond the body. Then there is a number of more advanced stages of enlightemnet, which lead to number (13), where we see the eternal life as a conscious spirit, which has recognized itself as God. The purpose of every living and feeling creature is to walk this strip for a lifetime.

A little bit later you will understand why it is not posiible to consciously achieve eternal life during a sequence of lives. It is only possible to be done in one lifetime.


Now you can notice that doing things by habit leads to even more simple construction of human self than the one of the primitive person (4). A construction, even more simple than the one of the infant (3).

Doing things by habit is a deviation from the route to enlightemnent and eternal life:


There is no essence in habit, there is content in habits. Therefore habit reduces us and leads to defamation. If we practice habit, we get off the route to enlightenment.

Throught living and doing by habit, one walks to nothingness.

There are only two ways to be reborn. The first is to be a special soul to be expected by someone. They do an intentional sexual intercourse to conceive precisely us. The other way is temporary wandering along hereafter as a soul with fate till we find prarents, appropriate for the completion of our fate. We influence them with our energy making them feel like they desire one another so eventually they conceive us. There is no other way.

In both ways we have to go through the following:

Magura cave paleolithic paintings S4 numnbers and text small

The soul separates from the body and rises – goes in the hereafter. There, through the symbol E it transforms into a solid circle, which represents the information extract from us and from our finished body life. This is our return kym to state (1) and to a new life in a body:


If we do not manage to achieve the enlightenment and the eternal life in this life, we will be recicled back to stage (1) of the strip.

The solid circle is „sucked in“ by the symbol T (God-Speech) and transformed into the following:


The new product is a solid circle with a „column“ beneath it. This is stage (2) from the route to enlightenment and this spirit with fate will be reborn in one of the two possible ways

If human soul has atrophied due to practicing of habit, no information extract can be produces out of it, because its sontent has been reduced over time. Therefore, the end of the life by habit is the end of life at all. No rebirth can take place after living and doing too long by habit, for so much time that atrophy has taken place.

This is the perfect suicide – both during and after life.

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