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The round stone plates found along the sanctuaries of Belogradchik rocks

март 18, 2017

In February 2014 a group of my friends and me were on a walk along a part of Belogradchik rocks. We reached a particular place which I had already passed by a number of times but I had never noticed anything special there. But my friend Ivaylo Krumov, a palaeoarchaeologist was with us. He is used in noticing matching parts of broken items so he stopped by a stone and starting looking alternatively at it and at another one nearby. He showed it to us and we noticd the two halves of a broken round stone plate laying some 4 meters away fron one another.

Some powerful kind of enthusiasm came to us and we didn’t need more motivation so we stardet to join the two parts. At some point the work was done but we didn’t match the two parts completely.

Later on, in September 2016 I was at the place with a group of tourists. Over the time I started guiding people around as I know many places here and I have done my own researches on them. I have published my ideas in blogs and on Facebook, I have been of TV programms and thus people started asking me whether I can guide them around so this has become my job in a way.

Initially, the forest had been prevented from groing around the broken stone with the two halves separated. A circle empty of trees had formed some 3-4 meters around the broken stone. Even more, many branches of the trees around which had streched above the broken stone had dried and died staying on the still living tree. And in September 2016 I noticed that there were new and young saplings just around the recently joined parts.

I assume that when the stone was apart it prevented trees from growing around it and after it the parts were put together the stone allowed the trees to grow around it. Therefore, such a stone has to close or open local energy flows.

One of my previous guests told me it had been a mistake to rejoin the parts as such stones used to be the seales of portals and we could not know who or what passed through them. Braking suck a seal used to cease the work of the portal.

In that September day od 2016 I was there with Peter Nyagolov and his group. Peter used his abbilities to determine whick local places should be used for spiritual practices and this round stone was one of them. He said that the stone marked a place where female energy from the Earth’s depths join male energies, coming from the cosmos.


The round stone plate we „reconstructed“

Some time passed and in the end of 2016 I started periodically scouting new places around to find what there was. This continued in the beginning of 2017 and on the 15th of March two friends and I were on such a exploration walk. We were looking for any signs of human activities on the rocks, especially for ritual cisterns. At one place in the area of Lepenitsa cave we found the two halves of another round stone plade and we immediately joined them together:

It is very easy to notice the similarity:

01 EN

Both are round and both are broken in similar proportions. The first one has the diameter of 1,20 meters and the second one – 1,10 meters.

This was very interesting to us because we thought the first round plate was the only one and a kind of exception. The discovery of another one changed our ideas.

We continued our walk in search of rock sanctuaries and we found another half of a round stone plate, but we could not find its counterpart. Then, at another location we found a quarter of a round stone plate. All of them of around the same diameter. So, obviously, such round stone plates used to be common at local rock santuaries but enough time has passed to obliterate them.

What could be the origin of these? Are they a natural occuring formation? No. I have a really extensive experience with Belogradchik rock formations and shapes and I know by observation that round shapes do not appear naturally. Here is an example of natural formation:


Stone plates may form naturally by separating over time from such structures but they are far from being round. I think that the round stone plates were crafted.

It appears that ancient people used not only round stone plates:


Even more rarely, square ones appear.

Yesterday (16th March 2017) I took another walk to a nearby area and all of a sudden I came upon the following:

One more round stone plate, broken in the same proportions but with the diameter of abut 2,50 meters.

Here is a very short video of it: VIDEO.

Some people told me to draw the locations of the round stones and check their geometric disposition.

krug kamani

These are the locations of the three stones. Well, they are not located in a straight line, but they are equally spaced – through 1 km.

What more can be noticed here is the angle between the two lines. It is 168º which exactly fits a vertex of a 30-sided regular geometric figure.

krug kamani 3

This figure can be drawn on the map and further explorations can be done to find whether there are more interesting things at the rest of the vertices.

I want to finish with the pattern of breaking of the stones. As you see, it is always in the same proportion.

I have not calculated it, neither I have done any experiment on it, but maybe this is the proportion of natural braking of a round plate. There is too much material along the diagonal and it will prevent breaking there. Close to the edge the lever is too short and momentum too small to break it. Therefore, the breaking occurs at the most logical place – in the proportion shown here. Maybe this is the natural explanation.

But. In the case of the first two plates the smaller halves were displaced at comparatively large distances, turned upside down and rotated with their straight side outside. This is not a pattern of natural forces as they should just brake the plates but would not turn and rotate the smaller halves.

Therefore, I suspect a specific technology of breaking such plates which should be a ritual to cease the work of the sanctuary.

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