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A number of issues that raise questions

февруари 13, 2017

When I find something very interesting to me, I do my own research trying to find the truth about it. I normally neglect other opinions on the topic. Whether this is right or not, time will show.

With this publication I want to present a pretty brief excerpt on what I have found in Magura cave paintings. It is your job to make your decisions once the facts are present.

I have been doing this reseach for nine years so far but I was able to create the necessary documentation so far as the beginning of 2016 because the Gallery of the paintings in Magura cave was closed for visitors for six years since 2008 till 2014 therefore I could not collect all the necessary data.

Once the Gallery was open again, I managed to make a complete set of pictures of all paintings in their order, to redraw them and to create a complete map of the paintings:


The complete map of Magura cave paintings

The map is a basic necessity as it allows for argumented statements. I needed the map to create the next document – a complete catalog of all paintings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The complete catalog of all Magura cave paintings. The catalog has three sections. Number one: a scheme showing the numbering of the paintings. This section corresponds with the map of the paintings. Number two: a table with every single painting shown and numbered. Number three: types of similar paintings separated into groups of similarity.

With these two documents I know my words are facts and they are reliable – a totally necessary condition to continue the presentations and to motivate the questions which are to be asked.

Something more, one can suggest that I have elaborated the map and the catalog in such a way that they serve my hypothesis. I want to state this clear: everyone can check with the real paintings of the cave as I have created a page, where people can see photographies of all paintings: Magura cave paintings.

Now, as everything has been put on its right base, I can go on with the findings.


A scene in Magura cave can be dated if we assume that the strip in it is a sequence of periods:


Its right end is „cut“, it is closed. Therefore it can only be the start, as it allows us to go only to the left. Then, the left end is open, which reveals the direction of development of the events.

Everyone writes a story at their present day and they write the story till that present day. Thus I conclude that the left end of the strip is present day of the person who painted the scene. If we know this da and if we know the duration of the periods, we can calculate the dates.


Next to our scene, there is the scene of the Solar calendar. We see the Sun in its center. It is interesting that there are two dots inside the Sun. These may mean the period Second sun which started some 14 600 years ago. This date we put at the left end of the strip.

In the Solar calendar we can read the Sun as the Earth and then we find four positions of moon around the Earth instead of four positions of Earth around the Sun.


One level of reading, when the central object is understood as the Sun.


When we understand this symbol as the Earth, the spiral around it, drawn by one of the rays, perfectly matches the calculated route of the North pole along the star sky due to the precession of equinoxes:


Well, my illustration is in Bulgarian because I usually publish in this language, but what is written there are the namen of some constellations and dates are shown when the Northern pole points in the respective location.

Because of this, I assume that the author of the paintings knew about the cosmic or zodiac eras whish last fot 2160 years yeach one. The total duration of a precession cicle is 25 920 years.

Then we go back to the strip and check what happens if we use these suggestions:


We get a strip with dates on it. It has a beginning some 42 680 years ago, there is a catastrophy some 25 400 years ago and the is the open end of the story some 14 600 years ago.

Is this what the author meant? We can not know for sure. We can suggest and try to find some things which prove our suggestions or deny them.


Once I came upon this map and I adopted it because it shown the migration of Cro-Magnons across Europe and it says that Cro-Magnons were in the region of Magura cave some 40 000 – 43 000 years ago. I like it, because it matches the date I got by dating the strip.


Later on I came upon this plate found in a cave in Germany. It has an image on it which looks in exactly the same way as a large of Magura cave paintings:


A group of Magura cave paitings of symilar type

I understand that the same appearance may be by chance. But this chance is very small, because there are many ways to depict the various parts of the human body. Depicting it in exactly the same way points to events in which one is the copy of the other.

Is is possible that the plate found in Germany is a copy of Magura cave paintings?

It has been considered that the age of the plate is between 32 500 and 38 000 years and that is has been brought to Germany with the migration of people from east. A migration of people from east some 38 000 years ago? Who might they be? We look at the migration map again and we see that Cro-Magnons reached the present territory of Germany some 38 000 years ago and that they came from the east. What a good series of matches, isn’t it?

Therefore I suppose that the plate is a copy of Magura cave paintings which therefore must be about 40 000 – 43 000 years old.

Still later on, I came upon another piece of information:


A publication about the evolution of relegions reveals the presence of what is said to be the European animism which originated some 42 000 years ago, obviously, in Europe.

And, where were people in Europe some 42 000 years ago?


They were in the close regions of Magura cave. What a good match again.

But let us see what is the symbol of European animism:


„The dancing woman“ – exactly what everybody sees when entering the Gallery of the paintings in Magura cave:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Numerous examples of „dancing women“in Magura cave

I know that it is never enough evidence to convince scientists if they do not want to be convinced. But it is not possible to neglect that amount of coincidences and to remain scientific, therefore I do this to say the facts loud and to raise questions.

Still later on I came upon a publication in The New Scientists magazine:


We see typical Stone Age jottings from aruond the world and we do not see Magura cave on the presentation. Why? It is because Magura cave paintings are not considered prehistoric. They are considered antique.

So I did the following:


The comparison with the prehistoric jottings shown that almost all of them are present in Magura cave. Something more: most of Magura cave paintings inhere in „any age“ section, and a very large part of the inhere in periods between 13 000 and 30 000 years. And Bulgarian scientists say and insist that Magura cave paintings are some 5 000 or 6 000 years old? If they say this, thay laso must say that the Balkan peninsula had a very, very delayed development. That in periods when linear alphabets started to exist and to be used the population of the Balkan peninsula just started to use 30 000 years old symbols? Were the Balkans an island of insulation? No, indeed the opposite is true – the Balkans have always been the crossroad of Europe.

Please, people, tell me – how can I remain calm in this situation? I can not. I have to say what I think is necessary to be said.


Thus i have found a decent number of coincidences which make me think that the dating of the strip is correct. But there is something more which can be checked – the date of the catastrophic event. Was there something big and catastrophic which took place some 25 000 years ago? Yes, there it was – the beginning of The Last Glacial Age. Let’s try another fact – when did the Neanderthals vanish? The last remains of Neandertals date from some 25 000 years. We see that a couple of life-changing events took place at this time and most probably this is what has been depicted in the strip and in the scene.

And let us have a look at the left end of the strip, dated some 14 600 years ago. A genetic study reveals that the population of Europe was lamost completely changed some 14 500 years ago.

Because of these concidences I think that the pantings of Magura cave date from 14 600 to 42 680 years. I know about the recent C14 analysis accoding to which the pantings in the Solar hall (where the newer paintings are) date some 6 000 years at most. In doubt in this result because C14 analysis needs a clean example, it has to be sterile. And the case of Magura cave paintings is different. The cave was closed for the first time in 1958 when a touring development stardet. All over the history people could freely visit the paintings. In 1956 the paintings were refreshed with new paint (bat guano). Since its opening as a touring site in 1961 more then 2 000 000 people have visited the paintings. And all people breathe and exhale CO2 which intereferes with the original paintings material. Therefore C14 analysis can not be correct. The real age must be bigger than 6 000 years as new C14 has been inserted into the original painting.

Something very interesting happens in this scene. Right next to it, on the right side is located the Solar canlendar.


We already saw that the stories in Magura cave start on the right side and develop to the left. Therefore, what is on the right side is the cause and what is on the left side is the consequence. Now, pay attention to a wheel, located just next to the Sun (Earth):


It has 13 rays ans 13 segments, respectively. Seven of the segments are enclosed, meaning they are of one type. There is a special mark over the 8th segment and there a re five open segments – of another type. We can stretch the wheel:


And we get the strip on the left side:


Thus we see that the rotation of the wheel is the cause for the significant events in human history.


Now, does this element look like DNA to you? It should.


Because DNA looks in exactly the same way. So, let’s suppose for a minute that this is DNA.


Then we see that initially DNA was of one type, then the great change happend and DNA became of another type and it finished some 14 600 years ago.

Well, Cro-Magnons came to Europe some 43 000 years ago – the beginning and this shanged the DNA map of Europe. Then Neanderthals vanished some 25 000 years ago – the end of this type of European DNA. Then, some 14 500 years ago European genetics changed again. This is what I call an excellent match. All big events match perfectly on this strip.

We move to the next point.

There is a very small number of animals depicted anomg the paintings of Magura cave:


All paintings of animals in Magura cave

There are only 13 of them. And the total number of the paintings is 712 and 319 more elements which participate in the wshole meaning but can not be called paintings as they are much simpler in their composition.

We calculate it very easy that 13/1031 i just 1,26%.


All paintings of hunters in Magura cave

And we have only six paintings of hunters in Magura cave. Together with the pantings of the animals we have 19 paintings in total wshich is 19/1031 = 1,84% of all paintings. We now understand that it is not very likely that Magura cave paintings talk about everyday life.

Check the map and/or the catalog again and see that the remaining 98,16% of the pantings are schematic symbols which leads to the idea that Magura cave paintings represent some ideas and some philosophy.

A proof of this thesis is that 27,7% of the pantings represent numbers and numeric operations.


I don’t want to copy the publication here, because it is pretty large, but you can read it: Numeric record system of early history.

Something more to say about this is that I have measured some og the paintings and I have found numbers in them:


There are exact proportions between the elements of the measured paintings. And the proportions I found go 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8 and 1/16. I think, we start to understand that there is something very wrong about Magura cave paintings: so old paintings and so somplicated.

But this is not everything about numbers in Magura cave.


All symbols of the male spirit

You may not agree my interpretation that these symbols represent the states of the fertilizing spirit and I an not going to explain my reasons here as the purpose of this publication is different. For now, let it be just a name for a distinguishable group of symbols. Their number is 54.


All symbols similar to the symbols of the male spirit but not with a round upper part

Their number is 18.


All symbols of the female spirit

We have 27 symbols of the female spirit.


All T symbols in Magura cave

The number of the symbols T is 54.


All male paintings in Magura cave

The number of the male paintings is 27.


All female paintings in Magura cave

And the number of female paintings is 32 but 5 of them


differ from the rest in the shape of their „belt“.


In Magura, we can create a more complex painting by adding meaningful elements to a more complex painting. The basic material of all paintings is this:


If we add the symbol T to these paintings, we get the following:


And from the first and from the second type of paintings we can create the male anf female paintings through adding the element „flesh“:


In Magura cave I see an extremely good system and organization of the symbols. Probably you also see it.

And now. The „belts“of the female paintings originate from the symbol T which was added to male spirits in order to create female spirits. Therefore, the shape of the „belts“must be the same as the shape of the upper line of the symbols T. And we see that in these 5 cases


the „belts“ are fan-shaped but there is no fan-shaped symbol T. Therefore, these 5 female paintings are some exclusion and thus we have 27 „standard“female paintings.

We see a very insistent repetition of the numbers 27 and 54. Indeed 54 = 27 x 2.

What does it mean? It means that Magura cave paintings are not a product of spontaneous creation but they went through a process of a complex design and planning. Their sizes and elements were chosen in order to transfer proportions to future generations. They use exact numbers of paintings of the various types. And it is not only this.

I also counted how many subtypes of paintings there are and I found the following:

Male symbols of spirit 72:

  • with round upper part 54, including:
  • opened (with an open upper part) 27, of which 17 empty and 10 with some content
  • closed (with a closed upper part) 27, of which 20 empty and 7 with some content
  • with a different shape of the upper part 18

Female symbols of spirit 27:

  • with an open upper part 20
  • with a closed upper part 7


  • empty 17
  • with content 10


Female paintings with „standard“ belts 27:

  • straight „belt“ 20
  • other shape of the „belt“ 7


Symbols T 54:

  • with straight upper line 40
  • with another shape of the upper line 14

40:14 = 20:7

This is getting too much, isn’t it? Not only the numbers of the paintings used in the record of Magura cave are restricted to the numbers 18, 27 and 54 which are all derivatives of the number 3, but their subdivisions obey to the proportions 17:10 and 20:7. We see an amazing order inside the paintings.

And still this is not everything. Some of the paintings are convex – they have relief jetting out of the cave’s walls. The walls are of limestome which gradually erodes. The painting cover some area of the walls and protect it from erosion but the close wall continues to erode and recesses. Thus the painting remains convex after a very long period of time. Therefore I suppose that convex paintings are older and plain paintings are newer.

I made a very simple division:


Here you see all paintings of animals in Magura cave and now the red ones are convex (older) and the black ones are plain (newer). In red we have animal species which used to live on the Balkan peninsula long ago but they have extinguished here, except for the dog. In black we see modern animal species.

One may think that in period of the creation of the older paintings tehre were no horses and deer on the Balkans as there are depictions of them. So, it has to be really long time ago.

Then, it is obvious that no earlier animal species are present among the plain paintings.

I find this to be a very good proof that there were two basic periods of creation of the paintings and that these two periods were separated by a very long period of time.

But have a look at something:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although so much time seems to have passed between the two stages of paiting the style and the maning of the paitings has been preserved. Not only this, but both plain and convex paintings participate in the numeric divisions 18, 27, 54, 17:10 and 20:7, which clearly reveals that there was not a single change in the idea of the record.

How is it possible to start a story now, then to halt it for many thousands of years and then to continue it without any change? Who or what can hold its thoughts for thousands of years? I leave this question to you although I have an answer 🙂

I can share thousands more interesting findings about Magura cave and its paitnings but I want to keep this publication relatively short because I need it to reach many and many minds and to raise questions. Because the science has had tens of years to find what is presented here but there is no sign that someone has searched for them. And now they are going to organize a working team to clarify the truth about Magura cave SCIENTIFICALLY. I sent some of my materials but I have no reply and I know that they are going to be ignored as the purpose of this working team seems to be to stop alternative interpretations and to state an orthodox truth about Magura cave paintings and human history.

And now I want to show a few more findings.


I made a comparison between alchemy symbols and Magura cave paintings. I will not comment this. You will make your own suggestions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also found that the paintings of Magura cave are very, very similar to a significant number of alphabets. The conclusions are for you again.


Locations of Magura name around the world

And in the very end of this presentations I show you the locations of Magura name around the world. You can see them in this online map. The question is: how does a name spreads all over the world? This is my answer.

So many matches are not something to be ignored, but it is completely possible to happen so as no scientific representative has already done it. Maybe they just do not want to.

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