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The creation of the first and every further civilization according to a scene in Magura cave

ноември 7, 2016

I have a very big respect for the paintings in Magura cave as there are some traces showing how hard it was for ancient people to create them therefore they needed a very good motivation to do so. I will explain this in a later publication, but I think that those people created a kind of library inside the cave where they stored their most important knowledge.

I do not know everything, my knowledge is restricted to some areas but anyway I have been able to find all my knowledge on the walls of this cave. Anything I know can be read there following only one set or reading rules. Because of this I believe that Magura cave paintings say everything that is possible to be said. In some way they have managed to store all possible knowledge there.

Therefore I have my big respect for the paintings and I believe what people have written there is true because it always gets confirmed on a later stage.

Here I want to draw your attention to a particular scene:


People call this scene The Hunting Scene for obvious resons – there are four men and dog hunting a group of five animals:


Every time there is a publication about Magura cave and its paintings in any media they always use this part of the scene as an illustration. It is because this part is most easily understandable – everybody knows that primitive people used to hunt animals and that they used to depict the act of hunting. This needs no explanation. It is so easy – Magura cave paintings represent the everyday life of primitive people.

But, wait a little. This part of the scene includes only 10 paintings and there is a total number of 1 031 paintings in the cave. Therefore the primitive theory is based on only 1% of the total number of the paintings and this is so wrong.


Here I show the complete map of all the paintings I created in the beginning of 2016 so you can see that there are many more paintings and that almost 90% of them are abstract symbols. And an abstract symbol means that there are ideas which have gone much above the everyday life and much above the particular material objects and situations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just an example you can see that only 13 of all paintings represent animals and the rest are symbolic.

Now, let’s go back to the very scene.


On the left side, we see a dog. On the right side, we see an ostrich. The rest of the animals are not real. Such animals have never been known to be in existence therefore this scene do not represent the real everyday life but it is rather a kind of fairytale. Even at this early stage of the detailed examination we find out that the theory of everyday hunting and life scenes is wrong and groundless.


Another feature of the scene is very easily visible – the scene is separated in two distinguished levels. As always in such cases, the upper level is divine and the lower level represents common human activities and behavior.

Then, we can analyze the scene to a deeper level by grouping the types of people whi participate in it:


People of Type 1



People of Type 2



People of Type 3




What we can see here is that people of Type 2 are very similar in their way of depiction to Animals. The way of depiction is the way to express information about the participants therefore we have to pay attention to the composition of the particular paintings.


By the very schematic depiction of these people we know that they are in their natural state – they are not civilized nor educated – they are just as they are – natural. We may also call them primitive. They are driven by their instincts and this is represented by the distinguishable erections.

It is very interesting why the natural people are found in the divine level. It is because Magura treats natural state as closer to God. The state of the educated person is somehow further from the original source as the education changes the thinking and behavior.


Then we have the totally opposite type of people. We recognize them by the arms in a circular position around the head. This means enlightenment and consciousness. And the double triangular body represents the divine origin and the divine function.


This is the construction of the soul of a divine person.


We can see that the natural people are being processed by the enlightened people and this is what happens at the end:


A natural person is being educated by an enlightened person.

Thus new type of people is created:


These are the people who are taught, educated how to do particular jobs. They have been given skills and education, but they have not been given consciousness.

We can also see that these people are specialized in using different tools so they their skills are specialized but the work as an organized group. This is typical for civilizations – the specialization of skills and labor.

Now, let’s see a definition of the civilization:

  • a complex society;
  • social stratification;
  • a feeling of separation from the nature;
  • control over nature;
  • specialization of labor.

We see all of these in this scene. These people are specialized and they are organized. They have tamed the dog and are obviously separated from nature, their actions are directed againt it.

I think that the act of hunting is only the smallest fraction of this scene. It is much, much more, because it describes the creation of the civilization. But the strange thing here is that there are these enlightened people and there is no word about their origin nor about their goals. It appears that the enlightened magi exist even before any civilization. The scene also states that no civilization evolves but is created.

I understand that one does not need to be very smart to read this scene because the features are visible. One just needs to know the basics of a civilization to understand what is going on here. I believe that academic scientist are completely capable of reading this but I doubt that they want to. Because the scene states that any civilization is created.

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