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Lepenitsa cave near the town of Belogradchik. A megalithic structure with astronomical and meditation functions

октомври 20, 2016

Lepenitsa cave is my favorite place along Belogradchik rocks phenomenon. I got there for the first time in 2010.

Here I have shown the location of the place in Wikimapia.

Along the trail to Lepenitsa cave one can spot a number of interesting places. I have my own interpretations and even rituals to do there. There are three gates till one reaches the cave. Every gate is a natural narrowing of the trail and serves as a pass. I have read that every area is governed by a High Spirit which is to be asked to grant access to the place and these High Spirits love us to enter their areas through the specific gates.

Here is The First Gate to Lepenitsa cave. It contains two rock formations on both sides of the trail. At this place I usually stop for 5 min to give my mind and soul the time to switch to the new vibration I am going to enter.

If I worry about something, I take out a coin and imagine that all my worries go on the coin and then I leave it on the outer side of the gate.

This is one of the rocks which form the gate:

Just 50-60 meters after The First Gate one comes to The second Gate. Well, it is not exactly a gate but one can chose to go through a very narrow passage there:

This rock also serves to purpose to retain the visitor for 5-10 minutes.

Then the trail goes on and leads to a relatively big passage which I call The Third Gate to Lepenitsa cave:


After this pass and a short walk through the forest one appears on a high rock landing with some interesting features and a very large panorama. There are a number of balanced rocks there:

Then, after a very steep and somehow adrenaline descending one is just 200 meters away from the very cave.

This is how it looks from outside:

I have always been impressed by the very regular shape of the second floor’s vault.

In 2015 two friends and me built a reconstruction of a neolithic house in front of the cave. We called it A Home on the Edge of Nature:

Now let’s have a few looks from the second floor of the cave:

Many people get very impressed when they see the regular shape of the vault and some of they say „Hey, this is like an UFO garage“, so I did a small joke about it:


I realize facts and their meaning one at a time. I can not, by going somewhere once, see and realize all features of the place. And, as time goes on, I obtain new data and new points of view.
The first time I went to Lepenitsa cave I had the feeling that it was not really natural because of the regular shape of the vault. Another strange feature of the cave is that it has two open stories – something very unusual.


A distant look at the cave


A geometrical illustration

During one of my following visits I saw clues that the vault of the second floor has probably been cut.


The stones inside the rock has been broken along the curvature of the vault. If the cave had formed due to natural erosion the sand should be washed away leaving only the stones jetting out – like that:


But, obviously, this is not the case at Lepenitsa cave and therefore it looks to have been artificially created or at least – shaped.

Here is a comparison with a megalithic structure at the sanctuary of Tatul, Bulgaria. They have the same proportion with the difference that the vault of Lepenitsa cave is up to 10 times larger.

Indeed, there are many megalithic vaults around the world which have the same proportions. I suggest this very shape used to have its particular significance.

The process of creation should have been pretty complex due to topographic issues – how can one cut this shape having in mind that the axis of the cylindrical vault goes through the first story.



Later on I was there on a walk with my mother and my father and we noticed that there were three artificial niches on the bottom wall:


Obviously, only one of them was green, meaning that it faced different conditions.


We stood in front of it and looked outside of the cave to see whether some sun light went inside at that spot. We saw the following:

Three distant rocks were aligned in a straight line forming an opening in the sky and all this was pointing directly at the niche on the bottom wall. This can be used to determine a specific date in the year when the Sun passes through the hole and lights up the niche.

A number of years later Mr. Kostadin Dimov visited the place and made some illustrations:


The three rocks which form the opening are located up to 500 meters away from the niche and all of them are perfectly allined.


There is a very sophisticated calendar in Magura cave and probably the knowledge used in both places was related.

So far we have: artificial, megalithic astronomic observatory + the unique two-story configuration.

In both directions the profile of the second story matches very well the shape of the human eye:


Maybe, it is an indication that the cave used to be anobservatory. The cave is also related to a number of ancient sanctuaries in the area of the town of Belograchik: the rock sanctuary of Chachin kamak located 2,4 km to the north, Kozarnika cave with its very ancient human discoveries (1,4 mln of years old) – 6 km to the north, Lepenitsa star map facility located on the rocks above Lepenitsa cave.

There is an Eye at the rock sanctuary of Chachin kamak:


Both the Eye and Lepenitsa cave look to the east. And the petrogliph behind the Eye describes very well the arrangement of the sanctuaries of this sanctuary complex:



Because of its complex structure, the cave produces very good acoustics and spreads the sound unevenly. It also creates a very good medium of meditation but this can be experienced almost exclusively in very small groups of people. The best results are obtained in the case of only one person. It occurs very rarely that large groups can spontaneously fall in meditation.

A strange fact is that the earliest artifacts discovered in the cave date back to 7 000 BCE while all near caves contain traces of human populations of much earlier periods – 40 000 BCE and even 1,4 mln BCE. It looks like Lepenica cave did not exict before 7 000 BCE which very well matches the idea it was artificially created during the age of megaliths which took place around 7 000 BCE to 5 000 BCE.


A picture from 1933 reveals that there used to be a large stone on the second story of the cave. I have heard of local stories that various rituals used to take place there in the deep past. It is possible that this large boulder served as an altar. As I look at its position in the cave, it used to be located on the path os the solar rays, entering throght the sky opening to reach the green niche on the bottom wall.




The secrets of Lepenitsa cave – video clips:


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