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What is reborn after death? -information from ancient Magura cave paintings. And is it possible to be born enlightened?

октомври 16, 2016

To explain this I have to start a little bit far and show how the man is created according to Magura cave paintings.


The image shows the origin of the various types of male, fertilizing spirit – all of them originate from the Sun – its core together with any of its rays. Thus we get a large number of variations of the male spirit:

figure 18 groups of the symbols of spirit.jpgfigure 16 groups of the symbols of spirit

Then, female spirit can be created out of male spirit by adding an ingredient – the symbol T:

female spirit creation

Thus we get a large number of variations of the female spirit:

figure 19 groups of the symbols of spirit.jpg

Once we have all the types of spirit ready, human souls can be created out of it:


This image shows that the adding of two solid triangles (which means „put flesh to it“) creates a more dense form of the spirit, i.e. the soul. In this way we get all male and all female states of the soul:

fig 1 male figuresfig 2 female figures

Now you know the basics of the process of creation revealed through Magura cave paintings and we can go on.

When the human painting has its arms in a circle around the head, this means developed consciousness and it shows that the respective types of souls are in an enlightened state. But not all people and not always are in an enlightened state. Sometimes peoples’ minds are just restricted to specific tasks they are only aware of:


All this type of paintings originate from the solid state which means there is a certain construction, certain tasks to be performed. Therefore those states are mortal, because the completion of the tasks mean death. You can see that the heads of all the actors are solid, meaning they contain some tasks to be performed. This resembles a very concentrated and somehow solid, small mind and consciousness which is tightly restricted to the respective tasks.

There are eight sexual scenes among the paintings of Magura cave:


Every consecutive sexual scene represents a new stage in the development of consciousness and behavior. They are as it follows from the left to the right side:

  1. People are natural, non-educated. They are in animal-like state. They are driven by instincts and do not realize what happens to them;
  2. People realize they can make sex and they realize the very act of it. People can make it on their own will. Now people experiment with it;
  3. People make sex as a habit;
  4. People realize then can make sex on the basis of exchange – they have come to the point where they know they can use it to obtain desired goods and positions;
  5. People use sexual activity to obtain enlightenment;
  6. People use sexual activity to get pregnancy. Therefore there is the third participant – the soul to be reborn;
  7. A spirit with fate (with a solid circle meaning there is a certain task to be completed) makes people have sex in order to conceive and give birth to the spirit and its fate;
  8. The female grants sex to the male.

Only two of all the eight sexual scenes lead to pregnancy and birth:


As every geometric element of the paintings means something, the complete reading of the paintings is the combination of the meanings of all participating elements.

Thus we can see that getting pregnant contains three repeating conditions:

  • The „belt“ of the female figure is fan-like – this shape means life and death depending on its direction. The „belt“ symbolizes the womb and the fan-like shape is the state of the womb in which the female can get pregnant. Of course, this shape of the „belt“ represents not only the state of the womb but the state of the soul as well;
  • The penis of the male figure should point to the „belt“ of the female. This means that the sexuality of the male is directed to the womb. The man is excited by the femininity of the female figure. This is not the case in all of the scenes. The male being excited by the femininity means that his sexual energy and his fertilizing capabilities are directed to the womb and can cause pregnancy;
  • The scene should contain a third participant – a soul or a spirit to be reborn. According to the sexual scenes from Magura cave, pregnancy is impossible if there is no one to be born.

It is obvious from all sexual scenes of Magura cave that the basic group of participants consists of a male and a female figures. Therefore, when we have three participants, we can divide the scene into two sub-groups – the male and the female form one of the sub-groups and the other sub-group is the thing to be reborn, the thing to be conceived.

Now we must have in mind the two possible directions of reading in Magura. When we read from the right to the left side, we create the causes for the events. When we read from the left to the right side, we recite the happening of the events due to the causes.

This means that what is on the right side is the cause and the behavior of the left side is the consequence of the cause. This also means that the figure on the left side behaves in the way caused by figure on the right side.

It may sound a little complicated but indeed it is not. Here is an example:


This is a part of the seventh sexual scene. We read it as it follows: the presence of a sexually excited male causes the female to display intent to participate in an exchange of sexual energy. If we read it in the opposite direction: the female figure displays intent to participate in an exchange of sexual energy because of the presence of a male figure in a sexually excited state. We may also say the following: the female figure is attracted by the sexual energy of the excited male figure and is seeking for it. As well as: a goal of the female figure in this situation is to receive some of the sexual energy of the male.

But we must also keep in mind the following: the actual configuration of the figure on the right side displays some tints in its sexual energy and in its attitude. These tints are the cause of respective responses from the figure on the left side. Therefore, the female figures have been depicted in a different way in every scene, meaning that they respond in a specific way. The reason is that the male figuren on the right side are different, i.e. different attitude evokes its respective response. Hence the response of the female depends on the attitude of the male.

This means that there are only two types of attitude of the male towards the female which lead the female to readiness for conception and to the very conception. Only two states of male sexual excitement which lead to conception.

The sixth sexual scene is a part of the much larger scene which describes the ancient process of rebirth and kings’ creation:


Here I want to draw your attention to a specific part of the scene – to its start indeed:


The shaman sends the soul „in the sky“ – back to God-Speech (T). But the soul does not go there as it is. Instead, the soul decomposes and disappears. And it transforms (E) into e solid circle. You already know that a solid circle means a specific task, i.e. the fate of the soul. Therefore, only the information of us goes back to God-Speech rather than we.

Then a new spirit is formed which has a task, i.e. a destiny:


Generally, a spirit is depicted this way in Magura cave:

fig 25

This is a „free“ spirit which has no task to perform nor to complete. When the circle is solid, we know that it contains the description of the task. The task, this is the contents of what has to be done, this is some predestination, some fate – something which is to be fulfilled by the spirit.

Thus a reprogrammed spirit returns from the God-Speech (T) which spirit is to be reborn in order to complete its task. Then this spirit goes through a transformation and becomes a soul to be reborn which participates in the sexual scene for conception:


This is one possible of the two possible ways to conceive people. This way is intentional, it is technology for creation of perfect rulers who should properly implement the Providence (the Speech) on Earth. Therefore they are sent back to God-Speech to be reprogrammed. God-Speech puts the proper fate inside them.

This is the reason why the sub-group male+female are on the right side and the sub-group soul to be reborn is on the left side – the behavior of the male and the female (the exchange of sexual energy between them) is the cause for the arrival of the soul to be reborn and for its participation in the sexual scene:


This exactly matches what I have read in a number of books about the rout of the soul along the afterlife one of which is the „Tibetan book of life and death“, according to which the soul exists in the afterlife in a state similar to dreaming and is irresistibly attracted by the sexual energy of its future parents. Therefore the soul goes in the very sexual act between them which relentlessly sucks it inside the womb.

Hence, by regulating the exact type of sexual act and the type of sexual energy exchanged during it, one can chose and tune what souls should be attracted. Everything is engineered in this case – there are no accidents. They have to attract exactly this specific soul which has bees sent by the shaman to God-Speech for reprogramming and which is then brought back by him. No other soul is eligible. This is the reason for the special purity, for the especially regular shapes of the male and the female in this scene – this represents the stated of their souls.

In this way, even „ordinary“ people can chose their future children. This is firmly stated even in the book „Dao sexual secrets“.

Now we go back to the other sexual scene which leads to conception:


In this scene, a spirit with fate is on the right side. It means this spirit is the cause. The other sub-group are the male and the female figures whose behavior is caused by the presence of a spirit which is to be reborn.

Indeed, the parent will reincarnate the task rather than the spirit. The spirit itself appears to be a kind of a carrier for the task.

This means there are intentional types of sexual interactions which allow the future parent to select the soul of their child. But there is also another type of sexual interactions where a spirit with fate sticks around potential parents who are proper for the implementation of its fate. This spirit causes the potential and proper parents to be sexually excited. The parents, of course, think they are excited by one another but the energy of the excitement and the sexual attraction is caused by the very spirit to be reborn. Thus the spirit causes a sexual act which is proper for its fate. Indeed, most sexual acts around the globe which lead to pregnancy can be determined as obsession by spirits.

This answers the main question – what is reborn after death. What is reborn is the information shaped as task or fate.

Now, there is an additional question – is it possible a person to be born enlightened?


The rightmost red painting is the infant who is born after the conception. It has its fate – its „head“ is solid, but the infant is not developed, it only has inscribed tasks. The infant is not born enlightened although the soul, which the shaman sent to T in the beginning of the scene, had developed consciousness. So, in the beginning of every of one our lives we are reset – we only come with tasks and we have to develop our consciousness by implementing our tasks.

All three paintings of infants in Magura cave have fate nut they are not developed nor they are enlightened.


We must keep in mind that the paintings of the infants belong to the group of mortal paintings – all of them have fate and tasks which can be finished.

psihichni sastoyania v Magura

Yes, there is an orded and technology of consciousness development described among the paintings of Magura cave but this is the topic of another publication.

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