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Hats as a heritage from our magic past

октомври 15, 2016

Magic and secret knowledge are the most important substance of the ancient times – then this was the way to do things. But magic required specific states of the soul in order to be done. Different states of the soul had their respective shape.
Later on, started trying to replace the necessary states of the soul with various attributes which resembled or totally copy the shape of the states. Nowadays we, in the state of forgetfulness and as a tradition, use the ancient magic symbols and tools to dress ourselves. Well, in some cases there is still some kind of memory about which hat serves what goal and in other cases people intuitively  chose their hats according to their role.


The cylindrical hat

This type of hat originates from the state of enlightener and from the state of the ruler. After its depiction in Magura cave as a state of the soul, this hat is steady attribute of the ancient depictions of god Bal / Bel / Baal. Then the shape of the hat passed to modern days when it is used by very rich people, by people of very high and often hidden power and very often by illuminati.


The high conical hat

Among Magura cave paintings, there is one of a mediator between the divine and the daily activities. The respective scene describes the creation of any civilization through education of primitive people by a mag, an educated and illuminated person / entity. This cultivation takes place on the divine level and thus skilled but merely unconscious people are created, who work on specific tasks. The tasks are transferred to the working people by this guy with the high, conical head.

Later on, priests and magicians of Mesopotamia used to wear high, conical hats.


The crown of the divine ruler

In Magura cave paintings, the symbol T means God-Speech, from whom the Providence originates including the plans of the world’s ruling. According to ancient concepts, material deeds had to be a manifestation and realization of the divine order and providence. Therefore the rulers had to be manifestation of god T in order to act as him.

The paintings from Magura cave shown here represents the First Advent which took place some 25 000 years ago. This is the coming of an entity (maybe even of a man) who implements the Providence on the Earth.

The rest of the images show the crowns of early Chinese emperors.


The master’s hat – the sign of the complete education

The Goddess-Mother of Magura cave has three manifestations one of which is the Teacher. Ancient people used to believe that all knowledge and skills come from the Goddess-Mother. Therefore, if anyone wanted to learn something, they had to turn to the Goddess-Mother.

Therefore she has the symbol T on her head, as T means Speech, Providence, Mind. People had their education and initiation from her. And the flame in her hand is the symbol of enlightenment.

Her name is Ma from which almost all words for „mother“ around the world derive.

The adepts of Ma are „mag“- an ancient word for educated and skilled people. Later on, the Latin word „magister“ derived from the word „mag“. A magister is a teacher meaning that the person has been completely educated. The word „magistrate“ also derives from the word „mag“.

And now, it is very easy to recall the shape of magisters’ and magistrates’ hats – it resembles the symbol T on the head of the Goddes-Mother in her manifestation as a Teacher.


The hat of a material person (of a person who loves to obtain goods)

The painting shown here is a part of a sexual scene in Magura cave where the sexual energy is used on the basis of exchange – in exchange for goods, power and other favourable things. This painting is a female. Her arms, very strongly pointed towards her, reveal her powerful will and striving to rule and obtain.

Then we have a modern type of female hat which very well fits certain female characters.


We also have the bowler hat which fits male characters ready to do what it takes to maintain their favorable social position.

In general, these two types of hats, one of which is female and the other is its male version, show great respect for the social position and its respective state of wealth. Of course, at certain price paid by the person.


The crown of a female ruler

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